About MotoScholar

Motorcycle travel in the United States is a passion of mine, going on for about 25 years. With roughly 200K miles shared across the seats of a half a dozen or so bikes, I have barely scratched the surface of roads waiting for us riders out there.  Not too long ago, I was introduced to the joys of going off road with the two wheel adventures.  Much of this site is dedicated to the places and people I've met in my travels.     

Camping, Food, Friends, Family, and Fools are all important parts of my life.  I caught the bug for hammock camping a good 15 years ago, so that addiction will show up here.  As will a gluttonous number of photos of food. Most of the images with family and friends will be shared elsewhere, but my beloved wife and pets may make an appearance now and again.

As to work, we'll leave that for another time. Maybe, when I get done riding.

Thanks for the interest. 


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