Need some stuff??

I might have it!! 

I regularly sell motorcycle, camping, and household items.  I try stuff out, sometimes review them, and then move on to the next shiny thing.  

  - Prices on this page do not include shipping. I ship only in the US. 

  - Items are as-is. All sales final.  

  - I sell things on a first-to-give-me-cash (paypal) and address basis. 

  - These items maybe cross listed on forums, the person with cash and address wins. 

  - Failure to provide an appropriate shipping address within 12  hours of commitment can result in cancelation. 

  - I reserve the right not to sell to anyone if they are an ornery cuss, uncivil, or seem untrustworthy. 

  - Sometimes I leave descriptions up even though someone has committed to purchase. Sometimes, I wait until it is shipped or received. Sometimes, well, shit happens.  

if you are interested in purchasing and item, click on the button below to contact me. Please include what you are interested in and any questions you have.  


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Nothing for sale at this time

please check back, I often put up motorcycle and camping gear for sale. 

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